Gift Wrap and Bags



Gift wrap can be as simple or spectacular as you want to make it — fun and funky, bright and colorful, or elegant and understated. The Party Shop has a variety of gift-wrap styles, colors and options, including bags, boxes, paper, ribbons, bows and more.  Gift wrap is just one more way to put your stamp on any event, and to make special gifts even more special.

Why Not Try:

Tired of traditional wrapping paper and bags? Spice up your gift presentation with exceptional bags, boxes, ribbon and more.

Don’t Forget:

A recent trend in gift wrapping is to use decorative Chinese take-out boxes. But don’t just run and grab last night’s take-out box from the garbage! Come see our great selection of these adorable, multi-colored Chinese restaurant boxes. They come in various sizes and patterns to compliment any occasion. Surround your gift with brightly colored coordinated tissue paper for a chic and one-of-a-kind look.