Group Costumes

Get your gang together and get ready for a great time. Whether you’ve got two or four or more, The Party Shop has the goods to make your group the talk of the party. From historic, horrific and hysterical to literary classics, TV icons and childhood favorites — if you’ve got a crew, The Party Shop has your costumes.

Why Not Try:

  • Trying to find an idea for a group costume can be difficult depending on how many people are involved. One of the best ways to incorporate a theme that will satisfy a group can be found in film, TV and music.
  • Movies like The Wizard of OzAlice in Wonderland and Star Wars allow for at least four characters.

Don’t Forget:

  • Keep in mind that group costume ideas may need to work for both women and men.
  • Group costumes often have toddler and infant outfits to match. This is a great way to get the entire family involved in the fun!

What To Buy:

You always need the basics for a party — cups, napkins, plates, table covers, utensils, streamers. But, unlike other stores, The Party Shop has more than just the basics; it is a true specialty store. The following is a list of the products we suggest on our tips and idea tab; they are just some of the thousands of unique items in our store that will set your event apart from the rest.

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  • scarecrow infant toddler
  • yoda infant toddler